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Oct 27, 2012 7:30pm PDT
hits. >> tim: nice to see doug fister in the clubhouse tonight walking around and looking fine, smiling. no hill effects from the frightening line drive off his head in game two. >> joe: said are you tired of the questions? he said, "it just means people care." >> tim: that's right. guys love to answer questions like that. >> joe: he is totally fine. ken rosenthal, did you talk to doug? >> ken: i did. no cat scan or mri. he is fine. not even a bump on his head. really, i talked to him about surviving that whole thing. he said hey, my dad larry was a defensive lineman at fresno state. if you can walk off the field you walk off the field. so, near serious situation was not all that serious as it turned out. >> joe: 0-1, the count on pagan. one on, two out. ball and a strike. scutaro next, either here in the seventh. i imagine if it's in the seventh it will be against benoit. >> tim: right. >> joe: or leading off in the eighth. tigers had a pitcher rick porcello up way back in the second. benoit and smyly have both been up. benoit more than once. anibal sanchez has persevered. the
Oct 18, 2012 7:30pm PDT
of the tigers. doug fister. talk about a 1-2 punch, whoever wins here will have to face in the world series. starting next wednesday. >> joe: the 0-1 to molina. that is low. affeldt the left-hander getting loose. david freese on deck. then descalso. >> tim: clayton kershaw, the dodgers with an excellent curveball. we have seen one of the best we've seen all year tonight out of adam wainwright. >> joe: trevor rosenthal is getting loose. coming in to pitch in the eighth. 2-1. a lot of pitchers and pitching coaches went away from the curveball for a while because they didn't think they could get it called a strike. you mention some great guys with great pitchers with tremendous curveballs. >> tim: over the top curves. >> joe: here is the 2-1 from mota. slow. the count 3-1. hole can't get any deeper for the giants who already trail by five. and will have to make a comeback if they are going to do it against the cardinal bullpen, which has been fantastic. >> joe: 3-1. hard hit. base hit. fair. past third. on the way down in to the corner. craig will round third and score. on an rbi double
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2